Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Good friends, Good food... and a few great pool dates!

A few hot days have forced us to evacuate the house for cooler... errrr, pools!  Since we do not own one we had to rely on the generosity of our friends.  :)
One day we went to Melinda's pool and enjoyed the nice cool water.  MD was beyond excited!  "This was a great day, mom!"  (sigh, that boy sure knows the right things to say to his mommy... simple things people, simple things!)
 Emma with MG:
 Olivia and mom, Melinda:
 MD diving:
 And up he came!
E having a blast, even though he recently woke up from a nap and was quite clingy... can't tell, can you?!
 BFFs -- It blows me away that they have known each other since preschool.  I know they will continue to be good friends.  Even though they do not see each other often, it seems they just pick up where they left off when they do see each other. I am so happy for that.  :)
Another hot day gave us the opportunity to see some old friends!  Becky's house is just across the street from this pool.  Upon arrival, we were all struck by this unusual sight... A mommy duck and her ducklings!
 After awhile, the children ignored the duck and her ducklings and went off to play, leaving them alone:
 MG and Emma Faye!  (only 2 days apart!)
 E was loving it!!!
 She's quite the fish, that girly girl! (But ever so cautious, unlike her little brother!)
 A quick cookie break:
 His second tooth is already loose!
 He loves to dive!
 After a few hours of swimming, Becky, made us a delicious dinner!  It's bow tie pasta with pancetta, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil.  It was a delicious dinner!  Thanks again, Becky!  The children had at least 3 servings each!!!
 After dinner we went for a brief walk.  These two quickly discovered that they really do like each other!  So sweet that they are holding hands -- initiated by E! ;)
 The others climbed a tree...
 These 2 continued to hold hands... so sweet! (remember they are only 1 month apart!)
Hot days are more bearable with friends who invite us over to swim!  We look forward to more invitations.

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  1. There's nothing quite like cooling off in a nice pool on a hot day! Glad to see the kids having such a great time! We have a nice pool in our condo. Wish we were neighbours!!