Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Science Camp Day 2

Crazy weather brought rain to our neck of the woods today... Yes, rain!!!!  Hello... It's almost the END of June?!  How is that possible?!  Regardless, they still continued with their class and experiments!  Today they were out launching straws... who knows what they were doing inside!  I was outside a few minutes after dropping them off trying to decide what to do.  A few minutes turned into an hour and guess, what? They came out and I was able to grab a few photos:

 I love that they were running around and launching their straws as far as they could get them -- and all they used were a balloon, a tube, and some straws!  Of course, when we came home, we set to make E one so he could launch his straws around the house.  Soooo fun!
While they were here... E and I visited my dear friend, Becky.  She lives about 5 minutes from their science class - so nice!  I hardly get the chance to see Becky during the school year because she teaches (we were teaching partners for years before I left to stay at home with my 3).  So this summer we promised to have more visits so we can get reacquainted and our children can be better friends.  MG and Emma are 2 days apart.  MD and Sydney are about 3 months apart. And E and Audrey are 1 month apart!  I know... crazy, huh??? Whenever we get together, we feel like we've never been apart.  I am comfortable at her house and always feel so relaxed.  Today was no different.  When I arrived, she had just agreed to bake cookies.  But there was just one minor problem...
She couldn't find the other mixer part...she dug through her drawer...
 And then went here:
 And here...
 And even here... hmmm, I asked her why she looked there.  She thought maybe one of the girls took it when she gave them batter to lick and never returned it.  Oh, okay... I guess... I laughed.  :)  Oh, she couldn't find it - but she found a bagel!  I laughed some more!  She laughed some more...
Then Emma came to the rescue!   (Now, may I tell you all that Becky and I looked in that drawer numerous times???  I don't know how we missed it!  We must be getting old!)
 "It was right there mom!"   (don't you just love it when they laugh at you?!)
That's why I love Becky - she is such a good sport about things.  She and I had a good laugh... and focused on another cup of coffee... It was what we needed today to get our brain cells working!
And this is what E and Audrey were doing... One day they are holding hands.  The next day they are cuddling in front of the television... Should I worry that they are starting out so young?! ;) 
Good friends are the best!  We enjoyed the Snickerdoodles she sent home with us... only, they didn't quite make their way home!  We ate them while driving home.  Does that count as almost making it home?!

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  1. I thought it never rains in California! Love the last pic! Do they know about the birds and bees?!! LOL!! Nah, I'm quite sure the friendship is purely platonic!!