Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Special Drinks

We went to Matt and Leo's last night.  They were showing a movie in the backyard... it was cold and the movie was not children friendly (but we knew that already).  So we stayed inside and Matt made the children very special drinks (since he made Vince and I one too!  wink, wink).  So I give you mango nectar fizzies:

Don't you love how Uncle Matt decorated the cups too?!
 Gotta love that Uncle Matt:
 I told you, it was cold last night!
A few hours later.... he was snoring:
 He was out like a light too!
 And although she was pretending here... 30 minutes later, she was totally out!
Thank you Uncle Matt for the special drinks!  (Vince and I enjoyed our mojitos and the other blue drink you made me... that I can't remember the name of but was very yummy!) Thanks Uncle Leo for having a get together so Vince and I could have adult time!  :)

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  1. Uncle Matt rocks!
    Funny to see the kids in warm clothing when the boys were topless in your previous post!