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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bittersweet... the last day of school

She has come a long way...

Here she is the first day of school:

And look at her now!  So confident and so glad to have a break!

 Here she is with her teacher and a "few"of her best friends, Lyra, Joelle, and Elsa:
 A few more friends jumped in;
 Look how she has grown!
 We had to say farewell to our crossing guard, Cliff.  We just found out that he is retiring... and this was also his LAST day. We made him a card, a bouquet of flowers, and gave him a gift card.  Such  a small token for a person, whom we trusted to help the children cross safely everyday to school - rain or shine.  He always had something nice to say to the boys (even when they were not the friendliest in the mornings!).  He also noticed when I walked to and from the school with Morgan BUT without the boys!  I always appreciated his sense of humor.  Happy retirement, Mr. Cliff.  If you want to read more about this wonderful man, go here.
 Auntie Clare made her favorite meal -- baked macaroni and cheese!!!!
Such a great year for her.  She has grown academically and socially.  She has shown me how easily adaptable she is when I was afraid she would have difficulties.  I am very proud of her accomplishments this year and hope that 3rd grade will treat her just as well.  Now... summer, here we come!!!!

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  1. How sweet of you all to show your appreciation to Cliff! He must be sooooo touched! Your daughter is adorable!! Tell her Aunty V is proud of her too! I'm sure 3rd grade will treat her well.