Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Girl Scout Pinning

I can't believe today ends her 3rd year of being a girl scout!  3years!!!!  Where has the time gone?!

It was an extremely hot day so meeting at the park with a water feature was an EXCELLENT idea.  She left the house in uniform but upon arrival went straight to her swim suit that was underneath her outfit!

The girls meeting underneath a shaded tree...
 Melinda pinning her...another wonderful year added to her vest!
 Her BFF, Olivia:
 The troop:
 The boys... they always sneak into the meetings somehow... :) Just kidding, they were invited today.
 Yummy, cookies.... chocolate chips with M&M's!  Woohoo!!!
 Surprisingly, he chose a sugar cookie with sprinkles!
 Even more silly is this guy!
 What can I say?!
It was a HOT day!!!!!  


  1. LOL on the picture of the troop!! Love their cute bellies sticking out!!!

  2. So cute! Love that she's a Girl Scout!! :)