Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, June 20, 2011


It was hot today....

frozen gogurt anyone???
E asked, "Mom, you want to take off your clothes too?"
Um... better not scare the neighbors, Honey!
 (FYI - MG is wearing her clothes! :)  She's just reading and snuggling with MD)  E apparently thinks that taking off "any" number article of clothing is considered all clothing!  :)


  1. Yes,hot. Too hot. Our upstairs is currently 85, but the house fan is slowly cooling it off now that it's dark out. I sent the kids to bed with only underwear on and even pulled out an old pair of shorts for myself, which is big because I never wear shorts! Eek! Hope we cool off soon.

  2. PS: can we make plans next week? We miss seeing you!

  3. LOL! It's like this everyday over here in Malaysia!!! I'm practically in shorts and T-shirts all year round.