Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, June 9, 2011


This morning, the boys stayed with Vince and MG and I went on a class field trip.
 This grocery store is really close by so we walked...
 The tour began at the garden center:
 then they visited the produce center where they were able to test fresh strawberries! YUM! (looks like Raquel and Bella are comparing sizes)
 The visit to the seafood center was very educational (for me!).  This is a HUGE halibut!
 And check out that salmon, baby!  Vince will drool... sushi anyone?!
 Their last stop was at the bakery... Before leaving, Ms. Dini was given a box of mini brownies!  SCORE!  I told Ms. Dini to run with it and we would meet her in the school parking lot. Hahaha!  (no, really!)  She was given one at the end of the day... she saved it for dessert after dinner. :)
 Check out that display!
 We love Whole Foods... just wish we could afford to go there often!

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