Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Science Camp Day 5 -- Last Day of this session

What a successful week it was for M&M.  They enjoyed all science experiments, learned a lot about fore and motion and always came home eager to help E build the same experiment they had from class.  Thank goodness a lot for the projects could be replicated!  However, today's last class could not be replicated (with the few items we have on hand at home.. but can be if Daddy helps!)... they made bottle rockets!  And the project fit the weather... it was a HOT day!!!
When E and I arrived, they were at the end of this so we grabbed a few photos.  Can you see MD in the yellow pumping???
 Them they chased their rockets!
 And they cleaned up...
And played with some balloons -- the parents and I had a good laughed as they blew them up with a hand pump then released the balloons and watched them maneuver through the air above them hoping they would land near by... at least not on the roof!
 E took these photos of MD and MG:

They are now looking forward to another week (a shorter one due to holiday on Monday) about magic!  Oh boy... Harry Potter movie moves may be haunting me again..... Wish me luck!  Hope doors don't get locked or something strange happens!

Today we went swimming after class --- it was perfect!!!  

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