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Friday, July 15, 2011

Park Playdate and Bowling

(not together but in that order)

July 12, 2011... Years after leaving teaching it was nice to see some of my colleagues again.  I've missed them... and what a joy to meet some who now have new family members!  :)
We met at Highlands Park in Santa Cruz.  It was a hidden park and sooo nice!  We will be going back!
He climbed this in no time...
 See how far up he really is???!!!
 He, of course, had to show it was no problems for him to get up there in no time! ;)
 What a sight our picnic area was!
 Look at all the children!!!!
 My 3 are almost finished with their lunch...
 and MD:
 Off to play!
It was a wonderful day.  The children played to their heart's content with old and new friends. I was thankful that Becky offered to drive.  Next time, I think I can do it by myself... unless I'm going with Becky... then maybe she will drive again! lol

July 14, 2011...
This bowling alley has offered free bowling to children during the summer.  Of course, I signed them up!  It took us awhile to get started but we finally made it there!  :)
Here they are... don't they look excited? (not really! lol)
 It's good to have friends to join you!
 He had a great time... but needs a lot of practice! ;)
 Today was his first time and he was nervous, but I think he will be more confident next time!
 Here they are supporting each other. :)
 MG showing E what to do:
What a great week... full of swim lessons, playing with friends, library visits, park play dates, reading, writing, and enjoying the cool weather!

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  1. What brave kids! I'm afraid of heights!

    The ball is almost bigger than your little man! How cute!