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Friday, July 15, 2011

Quick Update

I've been away... Life has been busy!  So.. let's get right to it!

Thanks to Becky, we were able to swim during the long 4th of July break for Vince.  My cousin joined the fun as well... Okay, we dragged him along!  But since it was so hot he quit complaining once we were all enjoying the nice cool water!

It was nice to actually have Vince in the pool with the children and enjoying the activity with them.
 So they did a lot of showing off. :)
 MG and Daddy:
 E, MG, and Daddy:
 E playing with Daddy.  MD was in the deep end most of the time so no pictures of him!
On the 4th we spent the morning just hanging out... so Vince decided he was....ummm, going to cut the boys' hair!  E was happy to start... Then he got crabby when Dad took so long!
 Once he got the nag of it -it was a bit smoother... I'm talking about Dad, not E.  E still fussed...
 Here's to saving $20 every 2 months! Woohoo!  What will we do with the extra cash???  lol
Then in the afternoon we hung out with Uncle Matt and Uncle Leo.  We had a nice BBQ -- ribs, sausages, hot dogs, corn, chips, soda -- how much more American can we get for the 4th?!
  Then Uncle leo helped the children prepare for a quick balloon fight:
 Prepare your weapons!
 He ran to hide...
 But uncle Leo found him and... well, he was soaked!!!!  But he sure loved it!
 After dinner we set off to see the fireworks...
 We trekked up the hill by our former house:
 First ones to arrive!!!
 How is this picture different from the one above? (you tell me!)
 Almost ready....
 Still waiting....
And then it started and my camera ran out of batteries!  But I was able to capture a video before the battery died on me... I will upload that later.

The very next day M & M started their second week of Science Camp.  I didn't attend as often as i would have liked... but you will know why in a sec.  I managed to grab 2 photos during the week:

 They were practicing getting the tablecloth off the table without dropping al the items on top! VERY exciting!!

While they were in class, this little one was practicing his swimming.  He did all this by himself... while I sat on a chair outside of the pool!
Checking in:
 He pushed himself out to the side then swam to the steps:
 almost there:
 made it!
 another angle:
He also taught himself how to dive for objects.  He started putting the item on the first top step and then gradually moved them down a step further as he became more comfortable.  I am a very happy momma!

That weekend we went to Matt and Leo's to watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part1.  Leo thought it would be good to review the movie before the new one comes out.
What's an outdoor movie without popcorn, right?!
 They all helped and then enjoyed the hard work afterwards!  :)

It's been busy and we are loving the summer!!!!

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  1. You've been missed, Steph! WOW! You guys are really living it up!!