Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our escape from the heat...

We woke up yesterday morning and knew it was going to be a HOT one.  So we piled into the car (after a big breakfast) and headed to Monterey.
We were wandering by saw this band all set up... musical instruments to my children mean. "grab a seat and stay awhile!"  So we sat down and waited to see why they were here.

 The men went to grab lunch here and deliver to us (I know, we are so lucky!):
While we waited ... turns out they were doing a reenactment of the day when Commodore John Drake Sloat rowed ashore from a warship, landed on the beach below the Monterey Customs House (that's the house in the background), raised the American Flag and claimed California for the United States!  (I had no idea!) 

 (I liked this guy here... this would be me if I joined the band!  Low maintenance, wouldn't you say?!)
 The who speech thing got them a bit distracted... E was getting restless so he laid down on MG's lap... so cute!
 After we feasted (and I mean it!  I had my own plate of calamari!), the children also had calamari and garlic fries!, Vince had fish and chips... So we had to walk it off... of all places... the candy store was our first stop!
 Yummmm, salt water taffy!
 Of course, they wanted cotton candy!
 Why not... it's our country's birth celebration!  ;)
 Then we walked some more... and saw some wonderful things!
 sea otters at work:
 a doggie at play -- I didn't know they could surf!
 Then we passed by this man with a whole selection of tropical birds (later we will watch Rio at home!):
 MD, who kept running away from the man trying to hand him a bird, finally gave in.  I think he was glad he did, even though you could tell he was scared at first.  He said to me, "it only hurt a little mom (meaning the claws)."

 Then MG had her turn:

 Not to be outdone... E had his turn too!
 Think he was proud of himself?!  ;)
 Awww... so cute!!!!
 More sightseeing....
 It was a beautiful day in Monterey...wish I had one of those boats!
 Then off to the beach!  The children were anticipating this all day:
 To prove I was there...my ugly feet:
 It was windy at first:
 Then these 2 got tired of sand castles so off they went to jump the waves!
 (they are both in red and hats! My children are always easy to spot -- they are the only one who actually keep their hats on!)
 He had fun!
 Then he went back in...
 She watched - because that is what she always does...
 He jumped a few more waves...
 I think she was pretty happy where she was!
 After getting completely sandy... we headed off the nearby park:
They played to their heart's content:

 This was an amazing exhibit!
 Yes, I was nervous...so I sent Vince up there:

 Now, get back down!!!
 CAn you imagine having to run a train with children climbing all over the controls like that???

 Rock climbing???
 She did well:
 These water fountains crack me up!
 It was a wonderful day!!!!  Thanks Daddy for taking us out...  Don't think we ended our day here... we actually drove home and went swimming at Becky's pool.  Thanks Becky!  (we arrived home by 10 PM and watched Rio!)


  1. I love that park! My parents used to take us there. :)

  2. What a fun day! Will definitely add this to our to-do list this summer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG! So jealous!! Wish we were there with you! :)

  4. I love Monterey. Isn't that called Steinbeck country? I'm a big, big fan of John Steinbeck, remember?? I remember the stunning scenery of Monterey.

    Your pics are always so delightful, Steph! Love the ones with the birds.

    Happy 4th July!