Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, July 28, 2011

A fun day swimming

Today started out really well when we opened up our sleeping bag from last July's camping trip and found E's blue monkey... he had been missing for a year!  We couldn't figure out where he had gone... I guess he needed a vacation!  Welcome back Blue Blue - that's what he called him today.  But before Blue Blue, it was just, "I want Blue Monkey, Mommy."    Look how happy he is!!!  :)

Grandma Jan had given this blue monkey to him when he was born.  Here he is holding it in a portrait taken by Daddy in 2009.  He loved it then just as much as he loves it now.  :)
 After some work around the house, we went to Jenna's house for a play date... which included swimming in her backyard pool!  It was in the mid 80's so it was perfect to be outside swimming!  (They have been friends since Kindergarten! Look how they have grown!)
 MG and E:
 MG and MD:
 Popsicle break:
 Watch what E can do all by himself!!!!
1) getting ready...
 2) and here...
 3) he goes...
 4) in!!!!
5) and he swims right back to the steps!  (Isn't it amazing what a few months of swimming can do for  his self esteem?!)
 These 2 took a quick break to play in the play area:
 Then back they went in the pool!
 After we left Jenna's house... they left their wet drippy suits on and went straight to swim lessons!
 back strokes:
 At the end of the lessons, they had play time... poor teacher Brian got splashed all around!
 Today is their last swim lesson for the summer session.  We are taking a break next week to prepare for our camping trip to Oregon!!!!
What a great day!!!

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