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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Very OWN Elf!

Soooo.... the UPS guy came today to deliver a package.  I opened the door, got the package and was about to close the door when E shouted that there was a bag outside.  A what?!  A bag.  All 3 run to the door.  Well, it obviously wasn't the UPS package because I already had that in my hand.  MG quickly grabbed it and noticed it was a Christmas gift bag.  Well, who would leave us a gift at this time of the evening?!  They all quickly uncovered the numerous tissue papers... to discover...

this book:

The Elf on the Shelf by Carol V. Aebersold: Book Cover
AND an elf!!!  Our very own elf!  While reading the story, the children were informed that they needed to name the elf... so they named him Teddy.  I will take a picture tomorrow of our elf...

If you do not know the story, this elf is now a part of our family...  He will visit each morning, watch the children throughout the day and report back to Santa at night.  So in the morning when he returns, the children will have to find where he is hiding!  He will only be with us until Christmas day then he is off to be with Santa again.  What a tiring job!

They were so excited tonight... MG woke up at 2:00 AM (I was sewing this) ...
homemade advent calendar burlap bags
She asked me if our elf had moved yet... "Ummm, it's 2, go back to bed!"  I said to her.
Then at 2:30 (I'm still up obviously!), MD woke up... "Is it time," he asked.  "No, go back to bed..."  I replied.  E will be the first up I think since he is getting his rest now!  :)

They are so sleepy... they are so excited... they are too cute!  I am tired... those bags are not finished yet!  But it's okay, I'm taking it slow and doing a few a day.  I was able to make 6 tonight.  (Not bad)  Mine are not as fancy as the above from Prairie Mouse's inspiration page.  I am just sewing the burlap bags and adding some activities and treats for the count down.  I will go into details tomorrow... maybe!  I'm too tired...  I just made their lunches (Mac and Cheese with bow tie noodles!) for tomorrow and it's finally in the fridge.

Oh... and they are excited to do their Christmas advent calendar count down starting tomorrow too!  So much happening tomorrow!!!

Good night!

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  1. Can't blame MG! I'm excited too! I wanna see Teddy!!