Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Auntie Karen's visit

My sister came to visit!!!!  Here's E waiting for her train to arrive... and it just did!  He was so excited!!!

 After picking her up, we grabbed a quick lunch at the local Pho place.  Then Karen had an appointment to get her hair trimmed:
 Here they are waiting their turn...
 He had a nice cut while waiting for Auntie to finish. :)
 That evening we attended Uncle Matt and Uncle Leo's holiday/open house party.  MG spent some time drawing this pictures -- isn't it cute?!  She is looking at a figurine that Uncle Leo had on display:

 I love their tree!!!!  The blue theme is so calming to me...
 MD was pooped at the end of the evening!
 The next day we went to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo.  E loves the carousel -- today he rode the alligator(to start, that is, he rode a few more animals afterwards and through out the day!)
 MD was being very brave today.  He touched most of the animals and fed them too!  He was fine feeding all the animals BUT the zebu... and of course, I did not grab a photo of him.
 E gives it a try... but he wasn't too sure about it.
 Then we went into the barn and after some convincing, MG touched the miniature ponies!
 She secretly liked it but didn't say much...
 On the way out they met a skink:
 And how's this for some wild fun!!!!
Our last ride was on Danny the Dragon.
That night E drew a picture for Auntie Karen to take home.
It's a reindeer with a .... bushy tail?! ;)
We miss you already Auntie Karen!!!!  Come back soon and bring our cousins!

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  1. Aren't aunts great!! I see the resemblance between you two. Glad everyone had fun.