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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Giving Tree

Last year MG and I volunteered at our friend's company group volunteer event during the Christmas holiday.  We went to a huge warehouse and helped sort toys for boys and girls who, without the organization (The Giving Tree), would go without any gifts during Christmas. It was a great experience for MG.  We are planning to do it again this year.  Anyway, this morning after walking MG to class, we were leaving the school when we stopped and read this huge sign posted:
And then we walked to this beautiful golden tree without any leaves... and we read about the toy drive.  So the boys and I read through all the different tags and grabbed one. (this photo was taken when the tags were mostly off the tree and on the ground.  E and I picked them up to put on the tree, the tags were in my hand)

Then we went to Target and bought this for an 8 year old boy who requested a toy this Christmas.  We picked this because all 3 children love it and take turns trying to beat the record!
These 2 were feeling a bit left out from the holiday volunteering, so they were more than happy to go shopping for someone else!

Our next deed... choosing the "right" animals for World Vision to donate to a family for the holidays.  I'll let you know what they finally decide  to donate -- going back and forth on 2 chickens and a goat or a few sheep and some ducks!  Sooo many choices!!!

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  1. I love this giving spirit you instil in your kids. That is indeed what Christmas should be instead of all the commercialization we see everywhere. Great job, S!