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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Girl Scout Holiday Celebration

MG had her 4th annual (gasp!!!) holiday celebration with her troop this afternoon.  (The boys went out with dad so I could accompany her and help out).
They started the meeting by working on their memory albums for Daisy/Brownie:

 She is very detail oriented (sometimes) and spends a lot of time just thinking about things before actually executing:
 She's cutting! (Notice her page is filled -- it's actually just laid out... once it's the way she wants it, then she starts to tape down!)
 After about an hour of working on their books, they had some snacks, then it was time for a group picture:
(the 3 girls in the back row are juniors - they joined this troop this year -- I forgot why, doesn't matter, they are cute girls and so sweet to the younger girls!)
 MG and Cassie with mascot, DJ:
 After collecting dues and reciting their pledge, they revealed their secret Santa.  Fun!  MG received a beautiful hand painted house from Dominique.  She did a great job painting all the details!  MG said the house was made of glass!
 BFFs -- they are so cute!!!!  I love O's holiday dress.
 The girls just hanging out before leaving the festivities:
It was a fun evening for MG and me.  I was able to help and hang out with my dear friends Melinda and Cindy (the co-leader and leader of this fine troop!)... FUN times!  :)

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  1. The girls are adorable! How fun this must be for you and MG!