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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Clare!

Monday was Auntie Clare's birthday.  Poor MG was in school....  We celebrated with a yummy black forest cake that Corinna picked up... (don't worry, read to the end, you will see that MG celebrated with us later).
Jim, Clare, and Corinna had their family tradition of "Daddy pancakes" for Clare's birthday breakfast.  The boys and I dropped off MG at school, then went to visit a friend.  We joined these 3 for cake right before it was time for MD to go to school.  Here is everyone!  :)

 Clare finally cutting the cake as we are drooling!
 Isn't it beautifil?!
 So... although MG was missing on Monday, we made sure she celebrated with Clare on Tuesday.  And if you look closely, MG just gave Clare her gift -- a handmade pendant!
 They are both showing off their pendants.  MG is wearing a smaller version with her initial.  She made it herself too.
 After cake, they put on a puppet show for us adults.  Then I sat down and.... well, took a nap!  Best nap ever!  While I was napping, Clare and the children were busy little elves.  Check it out!
 He always loved this ornament -- and he always tried playing it -- even when he was 2!  :) So cute!
 Everyone was so busy! (and I had an amazing nap!)

 I love that this ornament (most likely placed there by E), is hanging on for dear life!  :)

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday to Aunt Clare! The cake is gorgeous! Glad you had an amazing nap! You must be really tired!!