Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday Matthew!

I am so sorry that we lost your baby pictures... (I will be saying this every year, just so you know!)  These are the only "close to babyish" photos we can find of you.  This first one is when you were about 2-3 months old swimming in the kiddie pool at the big play group birthday party!
And this is you with uncle Jim, you were about one when went camping at the Pinnacles:
And now... look at you!  My big, tough guy!!!  (you've already lost 3 teeth within the last couple of months - 2 of which you pulled out yourself!)  I often forget that you are *only* 5 because of how you behave in various situations, but then something happens and you cry... then I realize, right... you are only 5!  And now you are 6!!!
You are lovable, cheerful, and loud!  (it is never a dull, quiet moment when you are around!)  I believe quiet is a word rarely used in your dictionary!  :)  You say because everything is so exciting so you have to be loud about it!  (that, my dear, is hilarious!)
You are very active.  You love to ride your 2 wheeler (!), scooter like a mad man, kick a soccer ball to nowhere land, RUN wild anywhere and anytime, swim like a fish, and bowl as if your life depended on it!
No matter the situation, you always find something fun or interesting to do or talk about.  You don't always care what others think.  You mostly do what you feel is right (but you are also easily influenced!).  You are a lover of science and are curious to no end!  (we love that about you, even though it drives me bonkers!)
This year you have learned to swim to the point where I no longer worry about you.  You have taught yourself how to whistle and you are pretty darn good at it!  (You can even whistle a tune!)  This year you have also become a Harry Potter fan.  (sometimes not always a good thing!)  You love listening to the audio CDs and enjoy some parts of the movies but would prefer to watch with an adult!  (and now you are caught up and have asked to watch the last movie next summer!)  Everything you find turns into a wand.  I've mistakenly asked to you get rid of * that* stick and you quickly reply, "No mom,.it's my wand." Kindergarten is going to be a blast for you after having had so many homeschooling science and art classes last year.  They better be prepared for you... a lover of conversations and questions!  (and a pretty great reader!)

Happy Birthday Big Guy, I love you to the moon and back!


  1. Happy Birthday Matthew! He is precious. Love what he said about being so excited over everything so he has to be loud. What a great spirit he has. Will have to remind myself of this when my girls run around the house screaming!

    OMG I just love your banner pic! You have such a beautiful family.

  2. Happy Birthday Matthew!! You've raised him well, S!

    Love your new header!! Your family is indeed beautiful!