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Friday, August 5, 2011

August Birthday Friends

August is a busy month for us... and some of our friends too!
Today we spent a few hours with our friends whose birthdays are also in August.  We spent a few hours at the pool... where MD practiced his snorkeling skills for our next trip to Hawaii!  (whenever that will be!)

 He's going under!  :)
 The 3 August girls: MG on 08-08, Emma on 08-10, and Annamarie on 08-16.  They have known each other since birth but have spent less time as they get older...
 So it's nice to get together at least a few times during the summer to celebrate their birthdays!  (Notice MD in the water behind them?  That stinker!  :))
 I baked a quick cake in their honour:
After the celebration we headed to the Los Gatos Library to celebrate the end of the summer reading program.  This is our 3rd year doing this and the children love it!
They were each given a coupon to get a balloon animals/item.  MD wanted a guitar... the balloon man is in training and didn't think he could do that with the short time he was given.  Then MG asked for a spider but he said he couldn't do that well enough yet - unless she was willing to use her imagination!
 E opted for a giraffe - simple enough!
 MG "settled" on a dog on a leash (closest she will get to one!), and MD went for the sword when he couldn't ask for a demeantor!
 We listened to some pretty cool songs:
 While we ate complimentary popcorn, drank lemon aide, and read some books they received for free!  They each received a new book for taking part in the summer reading program and then received 2 more from the friends of the library book store sale!  I was prepared to pay for them when the  kind volunteer told me the children could each have 2 books for free.  Well, heck yes.. pick out whichever ones you want!  :)
 She picked this mad lib book and was hooked the entire time!
 MD found a book on spiders and another one on sea creatures -- score!!!  He found 2 on dinosaurs but was content to smile for my camera instead.  :)
It was a great day today!

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