Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, August 1, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Ethan!

Oh, our little man...  How much you have grown!
Here you are at 1 day old:
And look at you NOW:

You are:
- a spunky little man!  If you are upset, you make sure EVERYONE knows!
- a kind and loving boy -- always so happy to give a hug or kiss ( I love that you wrap your arms around my neck from behind when I am doing something)
- a lover of books (you will pick up a dozen books at a time when we are at the library and make me read them all before we go home... but not before you throw in another 20 books in my bag!)
- a lover of food (this makes Daddy very happy as you both share the love for durian and fish eye balls! Maybe not so much fish eye balls anymore since now you get what fish eye balls are!  But you sure love fruits and can eat that nonstop.  Your favorite fruit though will always be grapes and blueberries.)
-a lover of sweets (you will proclaim that your tummy is full, but when dessert is mentioned, you will all of a sudden be hungry again!)

Your favorite Phrases:
-I do it by my own self!
-I think so... really!

This year you have learned how to:
-write your first name
-snap your fingers!
-dress your self
-write your name
-fasten your own velcro shoes
-get your own water from the filter spout
-get your own books at the library
-feed the fish
-clean up after yourself (putting dishes away, putting your toys away, folding up your pjs, putting books back on the shelf)

You are a very loving little boy.  You are always giving me hugs and if you fall down, you always ask for a hug from me because it makes you feel better right away.  You almost always greet others with a hug and leave them with a hug -- because you just love hugs!!!

You tell me what you want and are very specific about it.  For example, when you have waffles, you will ask for one waffle with Nutella and one waffle with whip cream -- BUT you do not like both on the same waffle!  Aren't you just the silliest?

You love your big brother and sister very much, even though it may seem differently.  You want their attention, so you always do what they do.  You are sad when they do not include you in their games, so you quietly sneak into their game in hopes they will let you in - and they always do.  :)  They love you as much as you love them but they won't admit it!  You try your best to play chess with your big brother even though you don't quite understand the rules yet.  You also love to challenge him to bey blades.  (and you are pretty darn good too!)  You love to color and draw with your sister and have become quite the artist because of her encouragement and guidance.  The 3 of you play well together and have created a secret club that even I do not know about.  (but am allowed to referee once in awhile when activities get a bit out of hand!)

You love playing with Daddy and are always so eager to run to the door to greet him when he comes home from work.  The first thing you do is jump on him and pull his name badge and pretend he is your dog!  You love it when Daddy holds you up high -- and you scream for him to lift you higher.  On his shoulders is where you enjoy the most.  :)  You love it when he allows you to play on his iPad.  You are quite proficient on it!  It makes me smile to see you use the different game apps without asking anyone.  You just do it and are pretty content to sit there for some time playing.

I am so proud of your accomplishments this year!

And now you are FOUR... What will you be learning to do this year?  What will you say to me?  What questions will you ponder?  What stories will you make up?  What adventures will you go on?

Whatever it is... I am so proud to be your mom and to be able to watch you do all these things!

Happy Birthday Sweet Ethan!

July 31 --  Celebration of all 3 birthdays with Great Grandma, Grandma, Auntie Heather, and Cousins Tracy, Christine, Liberty, and Allyson:
Chocolate Chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robins -- Yummy!
 The 3 August Birthday Children:
 With Great Grandma:
 Blowing out the candle:
 Yummy cake!
 See how messy he gets?!
 Loving those blue lips! ;)
 Oh Yes --- Score -- Donkey Kong fan!!!!
 Yahoo -- Beyblades!!!!
 She loved her gift bag more, I think!  :)
 The entire collection of Harry Potter books!!!!  They were so excited!!!!  Thank you Auntie Heather for spoiling them!
 Red envelope/good luck money from Great Grandma:

 Too pooped to even talk to us during the short drive home!  It was a full day!

On your actual birthday:
We ran around a lot on your birthday but I made sure that we spent the afternoon at home so you could just play...  while I worked on your birthday shirts!  While I was working and you were playing with your brother and sister - your cake was baking.  You requested chocolate brownie to be eaten with ice cream.  You dinner of choice?  Spaghetti, of course!
 I think you were happy to finally see your cake!  ;)
 In one quick blow -- I hope it was a good wish!
 Happy as can be -- the way we are used to seeing you!
 Now on to gifts!
 Lots of Kung Zhu items!

 And now you are officially "old" enough to upgrade to a big boy scooter!  Whooo hooo!!!!
 Poor uncle doing all the work...
So you could play with your new toys!  FUNNNN!
And then Daddy spent some time taking all your pictures!  Yours are here:  (everyone will have to wait to see the others' on their birthday posts!):

 LOVE!!!! (just one sneak peek of all 3)

I hope your birthday was wonderful, sweet boy!


  1. Happy Birthday to E! What a handsome young man he's growing up to be. You must be so proud!

  2. OMG How cute is that little big boy of yours!!! Happy 4th E!!! Love you guys!