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Monday, August 22, 2011

First Day of School!

We just came back from a two week camping trip... I would love to blog about that (and have started the post) but it will take me some time to get it all done.  So we are going to skip forward so I can tell you about my two children... who are so grown up now and headed off to a different stage in their little lives.

MG started 3rd grade today!!!!
She had waffles with Nutella and whipped cream for breakfast:
 MD wanted the same!
 And whatever big sis and big bro wants... yes, you've got it, E wants too!
 Here they are... ready for school!  MG accompanied by her two little brothers.
 And we are off!!!  (check out E in the background -- who knows what he's up to!)
 Waiting to cross -- check out the big crowd of walkers on the first day!
 Crossing the street -- that's the school principal in the vest on your left!  She is great that way -- up close and personal!
 A final pose at the front of the school:
 Waiting in line for the bell to ring:

At the end of the day I was able to capture a picture of her and her teacher.  But for some reason, I cannot upload it right now... 

While she was in school...MD was getting anxious for his turn!  So by 10:45 AM he was ready to go!
He was happy to leave with just Mommy for his first day of Kindergarten!
 Very confident young man leading the way!
 Ready to enter the kindergarten gated area:
 Meeting Mrs. Lozoya for the first time.  While waiting in line with me, he was looking ahead at her greeting other children and then turned to me and said, "Mom, she seems like a nice teacher."
 He entered his classroom and looked for his packet to hand to me, along with his name tag:
 He began his activities with me in tow -- the first one was a hand tracing activity to go along with a book they will read later called The Kissing Hand.  (sweet book -- the same one I read to my Kindergarten class when I taught!)
Then he read a book next to me.  He read 90% of the book.  :)
 Then he went to explore Legos with some boys:
 Mes. Lozoya called them to the rug for a story about Miss Bindergarten and her kindergarten class (love these books!!!):
 Then off he went to his last activity with me around -- writing what he did to get ready for Kindergarten.  He decided to draw him walking to school with his siblings and myself.  :)
Then I left him... a bit teary eyed.... while he finished his day without me...
After school I picked him up and we quickly went to have his yearly wellness check.  As if we didn't know already... he is healthy as can be! 95% in weight and 90% in height!  This was his favorite part of the check up.  He giggled a lot!  :)  Dr. Zorian commented that he seems very mature for his age... I hope that continues!  ;)
I am glad today is over... First days have always been stressful for me... even as a teacher!  :0

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  1. Savour the moment, S! Before you know it, they'll be in college and leaving the nest!! Great pics as always!

    Have a nice day!