Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A day at the river

but the morning started out with a quick game of chess  (can I tell you that I actually did win this game?  He's a good teacher!)
After breakfast and getting our car serviced for our upcoming camping trip, we met with Rebecca and the girls.  She drove us to Ben Lomond where we spent the afternoon with our dear friend, Wendy, who taught with us at Hellyer and Windmill Springs Elementary.  She is now retired and enjoying  it!  After lunch we walked down a path and enjoyed a lazy afternoon on the river!
This picture is to show you how far Matthew went with Emma on their raft...  See that Speck?  Well, they eventually come back, but not until they fall over!  lol
MG decided she would not get *that* wet... so she started with her toes...
Apparently, he needed his goggles to look in the murky water -- lol!
And here they are back!  (they drifted away, fell over, and their raft kept going.. so Emma went back to get it while floating on another raft!)
MG is finally getting comfortable and decided she would go in for a bit.
They took turns:
So cute!
Then they all decided to build some type of fort/dam thing...
What ever it was they worked really well together for a LONG time!
Pretty good work using what ever tools they could find around them!
It was an exhausting day... and I have so much to do to prep for the trip.  But there is always something to do everyday of the week!

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