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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I wish I could be more efficient with my blog posts... but tis the season... for the flu or whatever bug is going around!  (It all started with E getting a runny nose.  He shared it with MD.)  One moment I am fine.. then the next moment - BOOM!  I am out and can't even get up after putting the children down to bed.

That's what happened one Monday.  I was fine that morning, had coffee with the usual suspects (the four moms )... and that was the beginning of the end for me.  That evening, I layed down with Ethan and never woke up.  The next morning I slowly got out of bed, made MG breakfast, got the children ready for school, drove MG to school on automatic pilot, and then came home to crash on the.. whatever was closest to my body when I arrived home!

The rest of the next 2 weeks went something like this: (but don't even think about asking me for details, I can't remember!)

February 9, 2011
This evening, she went through her class Valentine's since her last day of class was February 11, 2011 ... then one whole week off of school!
 They turned out really cute!
 February 10, 2011 -- MG had her publishing party at school.  Her school takes part in a program called Writer's Workshop. Through this program they go through all the steps of writing a book such as pre-writing, proofing, editing, rewriting, and publishing.  It is a long process, so when they publish -- it is a big deal!  Today the teacher invited all parents to come listen to their children read their published works.  MG was very nervous, but I felt she did an excellent job!  it is hard to read in front of your friends -- but more nerve wrecking when other parents are listening and watching too!  I was very proud of her!

 They boys didn't last too long after MG read her story.  So we took off and went for a hike.  As you can see, MD was not willing to wait for us... see that small dot?  He was off!
 We finally caught up....
 And they were off again!
 I let them lead....
 All the climbing and crashing through bushes and trees led us to this nice play area!
 But that didn't last, they were happier digging and looking for gophers. squirrels, etc.
 And playing Star Wars!
 "I am Yoda!!!!"
It was their last day of swim lessons on February 14, 2011... session three!  His teacher gave him this cute lolly.  I had to photograph it - for next year!  :)  They start session 4 next Monday, February 28, 2011.
 That same night MG and I made these tasty (but not so good looking!) Smores pop for her Girl Scout troop's Valentine's Day Teddy Bear picnic.  I found the idea on a blog... but I can't remember which one.  I will look around and give credit where credit is due soon....
Looks much better in these pretty bags from the dollar section at Target!
 This card is an inspiration from here.  Leo gave us his left over hearts from a project he did with the children last year, so we made cute pencil toppers and hair clips for the girls - with their initials on them.
 While waiting for her Girl Scout friends to get out of school (because MG had the week off of school), they played.  MD was finally able to do this!
Walk up....
 Kick legs up...
 And hang upside down!!!!
 Lesson on that was courtesy of his big sis - who learned from her buddy, Olivia!

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  1. Glad you are well again to post these awesome pics of your kids. Those smores pops look yummy!!! Love the valentine gifts too. How creative!!