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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Old Shoes

At the beginning of January we noticed that E needed new shoes.  What gave it away?  Well... when he kept complaining that his big toe was hurting him.  Hahaha!  Must be the shoes then because he rarely ever complains!  So off they went and on went the new purchased shoes.  However, the ones he had on still seemed new to him.  So when MG's school posted a sign asking for shoes, I asked E if he wanted to donate his shoes.  He was a bit hesitant at first, but we bagged them up and put them in the box at her school.  For 2 days straight he would run to "visit" his shoes in the box.  Then one day, it was gone!  They had taken the donation box away!  Although he was sad, he was happy in saying, "someone will fit my shoes, mama!"  Melted my heart...

So we were at the library recently... and I found this book.   I read it to him and he began to understand a bit more that his shoes were helping someone else who needed shoes but couldn't afford to buy new ones.  He always felt his shoes were still new, just not "new, new" like the ones he is wearing now.  :)

So, for those of you who have shoes lying around... you might consider donating to this great cause.  Read this book first, it is a beautiful story... and you will want to help!

Morgan and I are still working toward her goal in collecting pennies for a great organization... more to come.  I have already started the post but have been so busy lately.


  1. E is such a sweet boy! Bless his little heart!

    Happy Monday, S!

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