Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Daddy's taking us to the beach today!

You know that song, Daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow?  They have been singing that song - but replacing with "the beach."  Since they have been asking for some sand time... (and the sand at Vasona Lake Park wasn't cutting it for them!) Vince made it his priority to get them out of the house today!  It was a short trip (as in the time we spent there because we had so much editing to do today)... but well worth it!  They had a blast!
It's our favorite place to go -- Half Moon Bay's Fitzgerald's Marine Reserve.  It's a drive to get there, but where we live, to get to the ocean... you have to drive!  (Boy, do I miss Hawaii... right in our backyard!)  For me it's always a challenge because MG and I get car sick. But I sucked it up... and we went!

When at the beach... one must make a sand castle, no?

 Yes!  She spent some time doing just that...
 My explorer took off ... and came back with a rock crab claw,
 and a giant empty mussel shell... Arrrrr, he's a pirate.  You knew that, right?
 She finally ventured away and found this poor lady bug... I think it had a damaged wing...
 My explorer off again... and he was able to take his uncle with him.  They found hermit crabs, sea snails, sea urchins, and lots of barnacles.  When we arrived, the tides was pretty high so they stayed close to the beach side.  Once the tides went down, you couldn't keep this boy on the sand.  He was off exploring!
 Guess who followed suit?  He was quite intrigued by this baby hermit crab.
It was a great afternoon!  


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