Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, February 3, 2011

There is a good reason why I am NOT an acrobat

...because I cannot possibly make myself fit into that circle ring!  Yes, that man was able to squeeze himself into that circle ring!  Obviously he does not have birthing hips!  I will just have to remain proud that I can say that... I have great birthing hips!  (That will not allow me to fit into that ring!)  I was sweating watching him do that.  And he was also able to fit into a barrel!

 They were impressed!  (Can you point out my 3?)
 And do various handstands while on some wooden blocks!
Yes... I am glad I am not an acrobat!  But it was fun watching!  This was Wayne Huey of Red Panda Acrobats, based in San Francisco. He was pretty awesome.  He told us that most Chinese acrobats train as early as at the age of 6.  They go train for 8 hours a day and 6 days a week!  He, however, was not born in China.  He was born in the bay area.  He decided "to join the circus" when he was 22 years old.  (Those were his own words!)  He left to train in China for 7 years and returned to America where he began his first job at the Epcot Center!  Hi performance today was in honor of the Lunar New Year.  I was disappointed that it was so short!  I was expecting an hour long show but it was only 30 minutes long.  The children didn't mind, they had a great time, and then hung out at the library - their favorite place to be!  :)


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  2. I can never be one either!! Sounds like a great performance! Glad the kids enjoyed the show.

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