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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our future scientist

We decided to skip "preschool" the rest of this year before we enroll MD into Kindergarten in the fall.  But never fear, he has been keeping very busy!  Our latest discovery has kept him involved in a lot of science discoveries.  First, we signed him up for Rock-it-Science class because Amanda has been sending her children there for a long time now.  She has always been happy with the program, so we decided to give it a try.  He is having an amazing experience!  (Let's not mention that E is getting a free course too!  He sits in the back and soaks it all in!  After awhile he gets restless so we take a few trips outside, but overall, he has been enjoying listening to the teacher's silly stories and watching MD experiment!)

January 6, 2011
On the first day of class he used a heat gun!!!!  Can you imagine me sitting at the edge of my seat trying very hard NOT to interfere?  Well, that didn't last long... I finally did get up and gave a few side instructions!

 When we arrive early, this little one tries on different things available:
January 13, 2011 
Today they learned to balance a stick on their finger!  And then they experimented!
 "Look mom, I can balance it on my finger tip!!"
 Before leaving, he wanted to crush a plastic bottle... always safe to have safety goggles on!
  January 20, 2011
Today they worked with colors:
January 27, 2011
Today's class was by far, his favorite... "because we launched rockets and I hit Mr. Mac!!!!"

February 10, 2011
Today,  MG and E were able to join him....  They are goofy, aren't they?!  Today's lesson was a bit noisy so they felt they needed these!  (MG is showing me her canker sore, poor thing, she keeps getting these!)

 working with sound using various wires and electro magnetic something or other... and liquid...

 and dry ice!
If I was not so sick,  would have paid better attention to the lesson.  But it was a rough week or so for me!  I may have not been so sick at this lesson, actually...

Anyway, this post has been sitting in the draft box and is long overdue.  I need to post it before he starts graduate school!  He is really enjoying himself and I am very happy with these classes that he has been taking part in.  Thanks Amanda for introducing me to this!

MD is also taking science classes through Schmahl Science and he has been enjoying those too.  Last week he dissected a squid.  He was able to identify the gender (but he couldn't remember which was which by the end of class!), point out the "beak", the individual tentacles, and locate where the ink is stored.  He was pretty stinky after class!  :)

Every now and then MD and MG join in the homeschooling classes through Guadalupe River Park program.  Last week they both took part in a geocaching class.  I had never heard of it until Amanda (same as above) posted activities with her children.  It sounds really cool but I don't seem to have enough motivation to get started!  One day!  So, to get them started I signed them up for this class and they had so much fun!  The day was rainy but once their class started the skies turned blue and not one drop of rain fell upon them!  What luck, right?!  (Thanks Dad!  ;)

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