Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boys will be boys...

My boys are no different!  This morning we went for a stroll at Vasona Lake Park.  MD is getting so good on his scooter - it's hard to keep up with him!  It's a good thing I have E to keep an eye on... an excuse to go slow!  But of course, they stopped suddenly when they saw rocks and water... You know what rocks and water equal, right???!
 Yes... rock skipping!!!!
 And jumping....
 What big brother does, little one is right behind... and never too far!
They rode their scooters, threw rocks, jumped over various areas of this body of water, and made me a bit nervous as they climbed logs and tried to jump from one large rock to another....for 2 and a half hours!
Then MD went to science class!  And I was able to sit still for awhile!  Phew!

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