Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

No longer our little girl

Once you were smaller than the teddy bear that Auntie Karen bought you....
And now... under all those leis... your birthday shirt says, "9!"  I can hardly believe it!

You have made us so proud of being your parents.

You are a hard worker, a confident young girl, and very enthusiastic to learn everything.  You are a great big sister to your younger brothers (almost a second mother... so they don't always appreciate your motherly ways!). You are an avid reader -- reading comes second nature to you (which makes me so proud, as I was the same way!).  You love to eat dessert and slow...ly enjoy every bite (rather than devouring it all in one gulp -- okay, maybe not as much like me as I thought!).  Your all time favorite food are mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, tacos, chips and salsa, and rice with soy sauce!  (Weren't those the same things I listed last year?!  Like your momma, you are a person of habit! ;) 

 This summer you have accomplished quite a lot: you've read more books than  we can keep up with (but not to worry, you have listed all the books and pages for us since we said we would pay you a penny a page!  This summer, you have made me broke!), you have learned to sew your first quilt (and hope to be done by winter time), you have almost perfected your cursive (almost exceeding my penmanship! Yikes!), you ride your bike with such ease, it makes me want to hop on a bike and ride with you (soon, soon!), and you are quite the swimmer (it makes me proud!).  You are also enjoying the piano so much more now.  I am of no help to you so you play on your own and it makes me smile when you enthusiastically hop on the bench in the mornings and play the songs you've memorized (thanks to Auntie Clare and her hard work!).

Don't grow up too quickly princess, I'm not sure I am ready...  
We love you very much!
Happy 9th Birthday Baby Girl!

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  1. How is it possible that our babies are turning 9? Happy Birthday, Miss M. We love you!