Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Birthday Celebration!

August always hits us with a big bang starting on the 1st, carrying to the 8th, and ending on the 12th!  This year we celebrated with a fun luau theme!  Matt helped a great deal and we are so thankful for his contribution.  He helped to pull all the decorations and food ideas together.  Check it out!

(Pictures courtesy of my cousin, Ratha, as I was too busy to take pictures!  Vince and our very awesome and good friend, Ed, took some too.)

Isn't this s great spread?!
When lunch was ready, Uncle Jim signaled the natives...
Because they were too busy swimming!

Look at them out there... without a care in the world... just having fun!  Hi Ryan!  :)
So the adults got started!
Matt made an amazing pork roast.  He then made a delicious pineapple salsa to accompany it.  The pork was served on a hoagie roll with napa cabbage... YUM!!!!

I love these 3!
After they ate... (finally!) they dove right back in the pool  Thank you Uncle Leo for this amazing pool!

Hello Nikasha nd Braden!

Most of the children tried to fit on this raft.  Keep your eyes on Jenna and MG...
Rocky... rocky...
OVER!  Hahahaha!!!!
Here I am with Braden's mom, Lori:

After some time... MG signaled the natives to come together...
(picture by Ed Yeh)
James gave it a go too!  (great job, James!)
(another picture by Ed Yeh)
They were signaling everyone to congregate because it was CAKE time!!!!
Well, we kept it simple and served cup ckaes!  :)
Yes, that is him lighting his own candle!  
(yet, another picture by Ed Yeh!)
And I love this picture Ed took of E!  Did he get it at the right time or what?!!!  LOVE!!!!
And we sang...
And everyone chose their dessert: brownies or cup cakes???
Then Vince brought out his toy... 
A shaved ice maker...
Emily approves!  ;)
(picture by Ed)
MD enjoying his:
(picture by Ed)
Alex waiting in line patiently for his:
(picture by Ed)

Once everyone went home... we stuck around and just relaxed... Then the children asked to opentheir gifts.  Sure, why not?  Go to town!!!! (Thank you cards are work in progress now...)

Check out these happy faces!!!!

Then Uncle Leo revealed the mother of all gifts... 3 large Lego boxes for them all to share
As you can see, they are speechless!
What an amazing day spent with some amazing bunch of family and friends.  These children should feel blessed to be loved by so many... I am feeling it right now as I write about them. :)

A big shout out goes to Uncle Matt and Unc;e Leo for hosting such a wonderful party.  I don't know how we are going to top this in a few years?!

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