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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lake Alpine Camping Trip

July 22- July 26, 2012

When we left San Jose Thursday morning, it was hot already.  And it didn't get any better as we drove away!
Ironstone Heritage Museum -- our first stop to see this:

This is the largest Gold Leaf specimen in the world!  Read more here.

Vintage Fish Gear -- MD was pretty excited to see these!

 Close up:
 Then we needed another stretch break.  Check out this view!

 She needed to be in the shade.  Yes, it was still HOT!
 Everyone enjoying the view:
Then we finally arrived ( I say finally because Jim's car broke down 15 minutes away from our camp site.  Vince had to rush us to our site to register. Then he went back to stay with Jim and call AAA to have his van towed to a nearby shop.  In the meantime, guess what?  I put up the tent with the help of Corinna, Clare, and the children... without help from Vince for the very first time!  It was hard work, but now I know that it's possible.).
After picthing the tent, we all deserved a nice rest while we waited for the men to return.

 This is our camp site -- nice isn't it?!

Upon their return (the van would have to stay in the shop for a few days...), the men took the children out exploring.  These are pictures from their adventure.  I do not really know what they did in detail.  So here are some pictures!
(Matthew is using his sling for the very first time!)
 They ran into some people who offered them their day's catch since it was their last day camping and perhaps they OD'd on fish?1  I don't know... but the men (and MG) gladly accepted.  I love their make shift fish carrier.  My hubby, such the boy scout. :)

That first night we had pork chops and baked beans for dinner.  I can't seem to find the pictures right now...  Vince stayed up late the night before cooking the meal ahead of time so that we could just warm it up the first night.  It's always a good idea to precook as many meals as possible.  You never know what the cooking situation will be like once you are in the wilderness!

July 23, 2012
The next morning... not too bright and early, everyone was up and breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast was served. YUM!

After breakfast, the men took off to check on the car situation at the car shop.  So Corinna, Clare, and I were free to do what we wanted with the children.  We decided to check out Lake Alpine!

E showing off his sling shot pose!  (heehee)

 MG showing off hers -- aiming for me?  EEEkkkk!!!!  ;)

 MD enjoying some quiet time...
 Hello Auntie Clare and Corinna!  (we brought our chairs hoping to have some quiet time as the children played)...
 But that didn't last long!  They all insisted we learn to use the sling shots too!  So, they gave us all lessons:
Auntie Clare was first!
She must have been hustling us as her pebble shot all the way across the lake on the other side!!!  Very impressive!
 Um... mine, not so impressive!  See the ripple I made?!  Pretty pathetic!  hahaha!
Corinna had a go -- and I think this talent runs in the family!  She her shot ahead of time... and she made it!  She hit a rock across the lake with a pretty cool aim and a very loud thud!

 It was kind of too windy to read so we headed back to camp.  Each child chose a book, sat back, and relaxed.
I love this!
 And this!

 July 24, 2012
The next day -- Adventure time!!!!
I will have to let the following pictures tell the story since I was unable to go along. Vince, Jim, and Corinna took the children on an adventure that included them kayaking across the lake to explore various islands!  :)

here's MD on the shore of Lake Alpine:

 That's the island!
 Always the first to get his feet wet:
 Hello Uncle Jim, MG and E!
 A nice walk along the lake:
 There they are playing by the lake:
 After these photos, Vince took mostly videos while they kayaked. So sorry, there are no kayaking photos!  After this adventure, Uncle Jim and Vince went to pick up Uncle Jim's van!  Yahoo!!!  Everything was all better now...

That evening, the boys helped Uncle Jim chop some fire wood.  Tonight's dinner will require lots of fire!
 Tonight's delicious meal --Salmon (from home) and bass (from the other night's catch -- not ours, but good enough!)  It really was delicious!  We cooked them all over the fire pit using the dutch ovens that Vince invested in.
 Everyone was happy!  The boys really enjoyed the fish -- mostly the bass.  Vince is very proud of that.  :)
 July 25, 2012
After a good night's sleep... a new adventure began!  Today we are headed to Highland lakes and Hiram Peak.
The drive was a bit windy... so we needed to pull over or I was going to lose my breakfast!  This spot was as good as any... to rest, not lose my breakfast.  Hello there explorers!

 Uncle Jim always finds things to "much" on...
 And this little man... err, antelope... found his way over to me! :)
 She's now addicted to Uncle Jim's treats!
 Hello everyone -- who doesn't get car sick!  ;)
 Uncle Jim sharing his loot:
 These are wild goose berries!  They are a bit tart but yummy!
 Now... back on the road... a dirt road!
 Are we there yet????  (that's me asking, not the children!)
 That string is holding our kayak in place... (well, there are other bigger straps too!):
 Now if you look closely, you will notices that the road is very uneven...
 Um, is that a ditch?!
 Are we going to get stuck?!
Well, we didn't get stuck, we made it through... and the last up hill climb made me very nervous!  But look at this view!!!
 Daddy's girl: (that is Hiram's Peak in the background)
This is where Clare and I sat once we finished lunch.  Everyone else went on a walk around Highlands Lake.
 Yes, I brought my iPad!  (all my ebooks are int here!)
 These are pictures Vince took while on their walk:
 I am so in love with the wild flowers!
 That lake is beautiful!
 Ooohhhh... look what they found!
 One last look at the lake before heading back to camp for dinner!
 Clare sure knows how to pack a mean taco!
 July 26, 2012 -- Homeward Bound... and a visit to Gold country!
This is Columbia -- well know as a gold rush town:
 These are the original buildings!
 We had lunch here:
 Check out this display behind the bar!
 Those are snake skins!  (don't look too close, Mom!  Eeeeeeeek!!!)
 They tried sassafras for the first time!  (it's like root beer)
 And Vince ordered this monster size nacho platter!
After lunch, the children led us here... to the candy store!
 And they looked around... and made a few choices:
 Uncle Jim bought E some gummy frogs (my favorite!  I remember buying these for the first time while in high school from Pier 1 Imports.)
 MD chose thin mints chocolate.  MG chose a variety of gummy candy (some regular and some sour).

 It was a HOT day...
I love this building!
MG had just learned about the pioneer days in 3rd grade (and about to learn about gold rush in 4th grade) so visiting this museum seemed a good idea. :)
Isn't she cute?!
 So is he!
 I love how each of them chose their own props!  They were so cute!!!
 MD stayed in character for awhile. :)
 This blacksmith shop was really neat!
 Check out his work!
 MG and the stage coach (that stayed long enough for a photo!).  They were giving real rides around town in it too.

 Uncle Jim showing the children how to pan for gold -- no luck!

This was another amazing camping trip with Uncle Jim, Auntie Clare, and Corinna.  

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