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Monday, August 27, 2012

Good Friends....

good food, good plain fun, and a birthday celebration all to herself!

August 17, 2012

It was a simple "play date" that we scheduled almost last minute.  But the moms of these girls pulled it together for me by saying the girls could attend... 2 days before school started!  We set out some of her favorite food:

I made cupcakes for the girls (small and medium) then made her a large one!
 We set out some crafts for the girls to do when they arrived.  She is making a quilt, so we cut up some small squares for each of the girls to decorate so that she may add those squares to her quilt.  It will be nice to see them all together on her quilt.  :)
 These girls were so serious!  :)
 Then they ate!
 And we sang her a song.  She made a wish and blew out her candle for the third time this summer!  (BEST dollar I every spent!)
 Group photo!!!
 Then we played a few games.  This was the M&M game. Each girl had to close her eyes and choose 2 M&Ms.  Then  she needed to open her mouth to show the others what was inside her mouth. If the 2 M&Ms were the same color then the others would tell her to eat them. If the colors were not the same, she had to keep them in her mouth!
 They even let the boys play -- and the boys were so excited!  (they were so good during the entire play date. I was so proud of them!)
 Lastly, she handed out the bracelets and pendants she made for each of her friends.
They all put them on right away and were so thrilled!
It was simple and fun for everyone -- including myself!!!!  Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

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