Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Always the big guy

from day one! Even at one you were the one to get into everything.  You were always curious and would find ways to figure out how things worked.  It was never a dull moment with you around!  And what fun we had!  :)
 7 years later, I have to admit, not much has changed!  You still have a goofy smile... the one that says you are up to something.  :)
But big guy, we love that about you.  We love that you are curious and want to know how things work and what can be done to make it work a different way.  You sort of try that on us too!  If you got in trouble for doing one thing, you want to know what would have happened if you did it differently.  Inquiring minds!  You are also a stickler when it comes to follow rules (especially when playing a game).  You need to do things a certain way and will argue about it until you are blue in the face.  (i'm sure you get that from me!)
Thus far, you have decided that you will be a scientist when you grow up.  Getting you that small science kit sure paid off!  You enjoy mixing chemicals and never worry about creating a mess -- that is your job!  (not the best thing for me to clean up, but you are starting to be more responsible in helping me now).  You don't "love" to read like your sister, but once you are deep in reading a book, it's hard for you to put it down.  I think that's great that you read to learn something new.  (Your Kindergarten teacher loved telling me how much you enjoyed reading science books during free choice time -- how many boys would do that during "free choice" time?!)  I know that you would rather play on the Wii or on your DSi and look forward to weekends when you can play on it without having to ask.  It makes you excited for the weekends and no one has to wake you up!  (and you don't wake us up to help with anything!)
You are definitely an adventure seeker (daring me to go on roller coasters with you at Great America or on the Banana Boat ride at Gilroy Gardens).  You normally do first and think later -- which when we are outdoors camping, I think it's fine... but when we are home, it's just not so much fun for me!  Going into the lake to see how cold the water is at Lake Alpine (fully clothed) is fine... but do you have to plug up the hose with your fingers to see how much pressure it takes before the hose sprays you all over while watering the lawn with me???!  Honey, you are truly your father's son!  :0
Camping is your true calling and I am so glad we do it often!  You love to climb boulders, skip rocks at the lake, look for tadpoles and polliwogs, kayak with your dad, start a campfire using materials around you, roast your perfect marshmallows (for you, it's an "Uncle Jim style " -- French roast!) , and learn how to use a sling shot.  All of these things describe you so well.

You are our explorer and we are so proud of you!
We love you to infinite and beyond!
Happy 7th Birthday, Big Guy!!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Big Guy! To infinity and beyond......