Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer vacation!!!!

June 8, 2012 -- We started off our summer vacation with a trip to Great America!  A season pass would mean.. many trips this summer!  Guess what he just said?  "I love Great America!!!"
 Although a simple ride... this merry-g-round kind of made me dizzy!  :0
 They just returned from a ride that got them completely wet!!!  That's MG in the lead followed by Braden and Lori.  MD, Jenna, and Lisa went on again!  That's why Lori is pointing in that direction.  :)
 They loved the bumper cars!
 BFFs  :) from Kindergarten/..
 The whole gang!  (MD int he back with his BFF from Preschool!)
 Their favorite ride at this place... Psycho Mouse!
June 9, 2012 -- the next day we started off with a morning of cherry picking with freinds!
 MG already knows what to do. :)  (second time around makes her a pro)
 There's Anna!!!
 Martina is handing Marie some cherries... that she does not want to eat!
 Marie showing me her bag full... :)
 Hi Corinna!!!
 The gang... so tired and ready to go home for lunch!
 That night, MG and I made bouquets of flowers for her friends whom we will watch dance the next day.

 All of these petals come together so nicely....
 To become this beautiful bouquet of roses!
June 10, 2012 -- Bright and early Sunday morning, we picked up our new walking sticks from Robert and Linda, whom we met in Yosemite... and went to the nearby trail and went on a short hike!
 It was a hot day but they were anxious to try out their new gifts from Robert and Linda!
 A few steps later... a nice snack....
 My beautiful girl:
 My boisterous son:
 And their follower....
 We left the boys home with dad that afternoon and went to see Cassie perform.  She's from MG's girl scout troop.  They have known each other since Kindergarten.
 We were able to grab Jason too -- he and MG attend the same elementary school!  They've been in the same class for 2 years.  He's a great boy!
 Their 4th grade teacher, Mrs. B,  showed up too!!!!
 Congrats Cassie and Jason for a wonderful show!!!

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