Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Last Day of school!

... and then we found ourselves here.... our very last day of school!
June 7, 2012

Remembering the first day he walked in... August 22, 2011 -- meeting Mrs. L for the first time!
 And looking for his name tag!  Good bye kindergarten, hello First Grade!!!  (Gasp!)
First day of school!
Last day of school!!!!  Woohooo!!!  Hello First grade and Fourth grade!
She was thrilled to end her last day of school with her friends from class.  One of her classmates invited the class over for a pool party!!!!

E was invited too!  :)  She stayed out that night until well after 6:30 pm!
This guy had guitar lessons... this was a treat afterwards!
An end of the year treat....
A sweet ending to a sweet year!  :)

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