Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Never too old...

to ride the merry go round!
I forget how big they are... until I see them on this ride then I realize that they are growing right before my eyes.  Once upon a time, this used to be their favorite ride.  We have had membership for the last 3 years to this park and zoo.  The first two years they would rush through the entrance and hop on their favorite animal.  Now, it's a rarity to get them all on this ride at the same time.  E always asks to ride it.  He chooses a different animal each time.  MD says he gets dizzy and wants to sit on the bench with me.  MG, she will go on with E if he asks her.  She's a good sister that way (sometimes!).  I smile to see that they are still so happy when they ride in circles... it's the simple things that makes me happy.  :)


I love them!!!! 

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