Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cherry Picking!

June 1, 2012 --
We were invited to join in harvesting cherries through the Guadalupe River Park and Conservancy with the City of San Jose.  They love taking science classes through this organization, so of course, we jumped at the chance to help them for once!  We spent about 3and a half hours helping to harvest these beautiful cherries which were then donated to a few homeless shelters in the area.  We were so proud when we found out that an organization our dear friend, Corinna, works for was one of the recipients of the harvest!
These were not as ripe as they should be, but we had to start harvesting before they became too ripe (and infected with fruit fly larvae!).

 MD was so excited....
 E ate about his weight when we arrived!  :)

 After about a few handfuls, their bellies were full of cherries and they were bored!  (how can that be???)
 Here I am!
 Looks like he kept eating, surprised?!
 There's Dad!
 And they were so excited when this 14 foot ladder was offered to them to use!  MD picked a few and then threw them down to MG, who caught them in the bowl!  They worked well together!
 The bountiful we brought home to enjoy!
What a great experience!!!

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