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Monday, April 9, 2012

A wedding!

April 31, 2012

We haven't had the opportunity to attend a wedding  (outside of work) in a long time.  Many of my friends are already married and now working on children... or already have children!  So it was a nice break to attend a wedding of my cousin - well, my cousin's son.  I hadn't seen him since E was a baby.

Baby girl (I know, she's no longer a baby, but she's still MY baby girl!):  

 Little one:
 And the middle!
 he had an important job this morning.  His job was to open the door for the groom when he arrived.  And he was to offer this plate of oranges... for good luck? (not sure... but the bonus was that he would receive a red envelope when he opened the door!  that perked up things a bit for him, as he was getting bored!)
 I was too busy and forgot to take a picture of the groom getting out of the car!  Anyway, here they are burning incense for his ancestors.    The tea ceremony followed and that lasted a bit... so we will skip that section for now!  (Hubby needs to download the family photo so I can upload here)
 The restaurant lunch reception was next...
 The children's favorite plate?  The fried squab!!!
 She ate 1 and a half!  :)
 These two enjoyed a few as well.  :)
 Then they took a break from eating...
 The groom and I:
 The groom's sis and I:
 His favorite part?  The CAKE!!!!
 The evening ceremony and reception followed... I was so tired by then to take pictures...  But here we are at the end... about to leave and saying our goodbyes!
To Groom's sis:
 To Bride (isn't she a beauty?!):
 And the groom:
What a beautiful wedding!  i wish we had more time to spend with everyone... but we had obligations at home that needed our attention so we left right after the reception.

Congratulation Allen and Zee!

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