Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Friday, April 13, 2012

A New Belt for MD!

For the last 6 weeks, MD has been attending Tae Kwon Do classes afterschool.  It wasn't soemthing he really wanted to do, but I encouraged him to give it a try... and guess what?!  He LOVES it!  Today, April 10, 2012 was his last day of the session.  So, parents were allowed in to watch and see what they do during the class.
Warm ups (surprisingly, he can do 15 push ups! I know!!! I can barely do one!!!)

 All the different stance and positions....
 Don't ask me what they are called!  I was too busy taking pictures!
 I just thought he looked so cute!  :)
 He also kicked a board for the first time!  After that they all received their new belts!  This is his new belt after on 6 classes!
 He is so proud -- and I am too!  way to go buddy!
Here is a video of him kicking a board.  I hope it uploads properly!

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