Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Chavez Market

So.. what do you do when you are stuck without a car for 2 hours?  You eat an early dinner!  (My car needed some servicing... so I dropped it off and the children and I went for a walk to have an early dinner).  This new supermarket opened up awhile ago and I've been meaning to visit it.  So why not?!

I didn't know what to order... I just knew I was hungry!  So I ordered steak ranchero -- delicious!  Yes, I ate that entire plate!

 And yes, he ate that entire burrito all by himself!
 She had a bean burrito... and finished 95% of it!
 He helped me eat some of my rice... Dinner... not his cup of tea! :)

After dinner, we walked around the store and they each chose a dessert from the bakery.  they chose Jell-o... Don't ask why! It's not like they don't eat that stuff at home!  Anyway, I let them choose what they wanted... and well, they did not like the jell-o!  I'm not sure why, but none of them finished it and baby girl, she could barely take a second bite!

Before we left, we ordered a few tacos for dad... since I was not home to make dinner.  I love a treat every now and then!  Not cooking dinner... is a big treat! ;)

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