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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter Activities!

April 6, 2012 -- We started out the Easter weekend with a Friday morning egg hunt with MD's Kindergarten class.  It was held at one of his classmates' house (which luckily backs up to the school!).  The children came over before class to decorate eggs, snacked on some yummy food, and enjoyed an egg hunt along with their younger siblings!  I was too busy helping the festivities that I did not have time to take pictures!  These are the only ones I captured... MD did well on his own so I ran around helping other children.
 While running around, I ran into E -- Apparently, he did fine on his own!  I am so proud of him for following directions and then just being on his own while I was busy.
April 7, 2012 --  The next morning, we joined our very good friends in an early Easter breakfast and egg hunt.  I can't believe that MG has known these friends since Kindergarten!  I feel so blessed to have such good friends.  I appreciate these woman for all they have done for me and continue to do for me.  Their support, encouragement, and friendship keep me going.  Here they are having breakfast:
 Then guess what time it was???
 Quick picture of the 3 girls whom have known each other since Kindergarten (Olivia and MG have known each other since preschool!) --
 And my silly little man!
 Outside for the official rules...
 and a quick picture or 2!
 Then they were off!!!!  (I love Jenna's enthusiasm here!)
 there goes MG!
 I love how MD is just looking out... staring into space!
 And now he's off!
 Hey, look what E found!!!!
 BFF since Kindergarten!
 A group picture after a successful hunt!

April 8, 2012 -- Happy Easter!!!!  They woke up bright and early... and discovered that the Easter Bunny did not prepare an egg hunt for them.. but they went on a treasure hunt instead!  that Easter bunny sure is sneaky!  Check out all the clues they had to read and solve!  (but each had a sweet reward attached!)

His gift from the Easter bunny:

They all received new books to read!
They started dividing up the treats from their treasure hunt:

 Then we had breakfast -- I found this really easy recipe and it's sooo good!!!! (and it's pretty too!)

 After breakfast we headed over to Corinna's house -- MG made the beautiful roses for Corinna and Auntie Clare:
 MD rang the lunch bell!!!
 And then we had lunch!
 Then they went into the house and played on this new organ that Corinna's husband has picked up recently.
 He was very excited to hear Morgan playing his organ...
 Then it was off for another egg hunt!!!!
 Corinna has the perfect yard for an egg hunt!
 They checked every crack and corner!
 E needed a bit of help from Auntie Clare:
 MD found Uncle Dave's "flat green egg!"
 All three getting down to the last couple of eggs....
 And then it was over!!!!
 Time to check out the loot!  Woohoo!!!
 Time to enjoy a cake pop that Mommy attempted to make -- not bad, but definitely will be better next time around!
What a busy Easter!!!!!

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