Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Sunday, September 9, 2012

E and Tae Kwon Do

September 4, 2012

He was hesitant to take the class.  It wasn't with MD so he wasn't too thrilled.  But he knew that the teacher was also MD's teacher.  So that made it better.  He walked in the studio very nervous... But then he was given his uniform and after putting it on, he felt a bit more prepared.  And... after his first class, he loves it and asks every day when it will be Tuesday again!  :)  That's my boy!  :)
Check out what he did:
He started out by telling his instructor that he had a hot dog for breakfast!  What?!  Goes to show you their short term" memory!  He was actually telling her what he had for lunch!  Oh well...

 Then they started out with stretching exercises:
 How cute is this?!
 Then they learned a few ready positions:
 Then they started with punches!  See how he's actually letting out a yell too?  (so cute!)
 And other side:
 Then his favorite -- learning the upper punches.  That's  Master Edmonds trying to trick him.  She's seeing how quickly he can react to her using that soft bat to "hit" him and he is suppose to quickly decide which arm to use to protect his head.  He liked that a lot!  :)
 Lastly they practiced their kicks.  That was fun too!  When they kicked the paper it made a loud, thundering noise.

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