Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Big Boy! (off to PreK)

He's been waiting... (actually, I've been waiting longer! hahaha).  He was truly excited and ready this time!  So, in the end, I'm so glad we waited...

Ready to go!!!

Look at his smile!  He was so excited to see his name!
 Once he was signed in and found his name badge, he sat down and began playing with play dough... in his favorite color!!!!
 I stayed for a  bit to listen to the teacher's introduction.
 And he played... and check on me a few times.  Then I kissed him and went to run some errands near by.  2 and 1/2 hours fly by if I roam too far!
 I picked him up and saw the biggest smile on his face!  This is his teacher, Mrs. Victorine.  She seems very soft spoken.  :)
He seems so grown up to me now.  I am so proud of him!

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