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Monday, May 21, 2012

May update

May 12, 2012
Congratulations Emma (to the left of MG) for an excellent dance recital... her last one with this dance group.  She aged out... It was so sad but so wonderful to see this little girl dance so well on stage!  To the right is her little sister, Olivia, whom we have known since preschool.  She was rockin on the stage as well.  Why we haven't gone to see them dance before, I just don't know!  These girls were so cute up on stage!  I am so proud of them!!!
That evening dad put together MG's new bike!!!  Isn't it great?  It was a great find on eBay  -- all the way from Florida!  She was very excited to be upgraded finally -- her other bike which was smaller made her look so awkward!

May 13, 2012
On Mother's Day started off with an invitation to Matt and Leo's house!  I love going there!  The children always find something to do to keep themselves busy... Like MD here pulling weeds with Uncle Leo!
 E played with his army men and others...
 While Uncle Matt made an amazing breakfast for us!  
 But my favorite part????  The funnel cake and donuts he made!
 I LOVE his funnel cakes!  :)  Simply amazing!  I am so blessed that Matt and Leo are in our lives!  (Or else I would have had to make my own breakfast! :(...)
May 15, 2012
The boys and I are back to playing at park.  We had a great morning just playing around with the sand.  It's amazing what they come up with in such a simple setting.  :)
 3 hours of playing in the sand... :)
 I had a cavity filled that afternoon... He accompanied me... and this was his prize from the dentist!  (It's what he chose!)
May 16, 2012
He's floating right now... heehee.  He needed to have some help getting out one of his front tooth.  The gums had been off again on again swollen for about 3 months.  I finally had enough of watching it turn purple... so we went and had Dr. Corcoran help cut the gum open a bit and get that tooth out!
 That night we had a pizza bar dinner...
 They made their own and added their own toppings.  Our new favorite pizza "dough" is using lavash bread from Trader Joe's.
 This is MG's  (she's not a cheese fan):
 This is mine!  I made half with mushrooms, grilled red onions, and basil (YUM!).  The other half was BBQ sauce, cheese, chicken, and green onions (DOUBLE YUM!).
 This is E's -- he mostly had cheese, sauce, and hot dogs.  He ate it all up!
May 17, 2012
Look what E got!!!!  The place where MD goes for guitar lessons is a great place.  E loves going with me and has gotten to know the owners well.  The owner, Kent, is a great guy.  He is a dad and grandfather so he is pretty cool with having E there in the shop while MD has his lessons.  He brought this out and gave it to  E this day... It has been hanging on the wall for awhile and he doesn't have time to fix it up.  So it's now E's practice ukelelee until he takes real lessons one day!
 That evening... the big Open House at school finally took place!  The children had been waiting so long for the event!  They have been anxious to show off their work for so long!  We went to MD's class first:
 He took Uncle Jim on a tour...
 He was eager to show off the classroom!
 And check out this classroom "All About Me quilt!"
 Here is a close up of MD's :
 Outside of his classroom with Uncle Jim and Auntie Clare:
 Next we headed to MG's classroom:
 I took a picture of her class picture since I didn't buy one! (heehee)
 MG was eager to show off her work:
 The scarf on the far left is hers -- they weaved them in class.  Isn't it great?!
 It was busy!!!!
 Right outside of the classroom with Auntie Clare and Uncle Jim:
 With her teacher.  We are going to miss her next year.  She's a great teacher!
May 18, 2012 -- Boot Camp at school!!!
 We met MG first in her class line to say hi:
 Then ran over to see MD:
 The 5th grade students started off the event:
 Then off went the Kindergarteners:
 And it was mad chaos!
 But after every few minutes the students were asked to stop and do a variety of activities where ever they were:
 Here they were asked to so some swats and jumps!
 Here is MD after about 5 laps around the school field!
 And she stopped by to say hi...
 Look at the other end -- they are doing push ups!
 And here comes MG and her friends... walking now...
 But he's going strong!
 Then the event was over after an hour!
 Time for an otter pop break!
 With his buddies!
 And now lunch....
It's been a busy month!  The children continue to be busy everyday.  

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  1. WOW! You are one busy woman! Love the pics, Steph!