Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Did a month fly by???!

Apparently it did... so here's a "quick" update/flashback in time!  (FYI -- this is not a quick post!  It's long and there are tons of pictures... I removed quite a bit though!  After this post, April will have been updated.  May events will be coming shortly!)
April 20, 2012 -- With summer creeping up on us, we decided to buy a season pass to Great America this year. Mostly, MD wanted to play in the water area.  It was closed today, but this small section was open and he was the only one that went through it MANY times!  He really loves the water!  (He is definitely his father's child!)

 After the water area, they went on a few rides -- Psycho Mouse (apparently, it was pretty scary for MG.  She did not want to go on it again but MD did.  No one wanted to go again with him!)
 This was easy enough -- and the line was short so they were able to go around twice.
 E had fun driving his uncle around!
 On the way out we played a game of ring toss -- sadly, they did not win any prizes!
 That evening Uncle Matt served yet another delicious meal!  :)
 We are so spoiled!  What will we do when we move to Georgia?!  Auntie Karen will have to call Uncle Matt for recipes and make them for us!
April 22, 2012 -- Half Moon Bay
Dad wanted to take his kayak out... and since it was such a beautiful day, we packed up and went!  Off he goes!
 The children did their usual thing... they love the sand and could play forever in it!
 MG buried E for a bit...
 Then Dad came back!
 MD went to  pull them in...
  because he was anxious to go out too!
 He had fun out in the water!
 He loves the sand...
 After kayaking, everyone was ready for a meal.  We stopped by a local eatery and picked up clam chowder, calamari, fish and chips... and had a feast!
 We ended the day at the marine preserves - our favorite place.
 Here we can discover so many new things... but our favorite is the hermit crab!
 Exploring here is so much fun and they could stay forever...  Alas, the wind picked up and we were getting cold!  So we called it a day.  A great day, really!
April 23, 2012 -- Swimming with friends
The weather was pretty brutal this weekend, so we took up Melinda's invitation to swim at her community pool!  MD and Nathan always play so well together, despite their 3 years age gap.  Nathan and Mg were in Kindergarten together.
 There's E with Nathan's sister, Annelise.  E really likes her!  :)
 There's MG with Olivia!
 They wanted to do something together....
 How cute are they!!!!
 They had so much fun and did not want to go home after this!  (so we ordered food and ate dinner together!)
April 25, 2012
The following Tuesday, E finished up his first session of basketball! Although he didn't think he would like it... he really did!  :)  So we signed up for another session!
April 27, 2012
Connor invited us over for pizza and a movie.  His mom set out lots of choices and the children made their own pizzas.  

 If you haven't tried it... lavash bread from Trader Joe's makes the best crust!  It's so easy!
 Dawn (Connor's mom) made the moms a packed pizza full of yummy goodness -- mushrooms, basil, tomatoes, and salami!
April 28, 2012
Guadalupe River Park and Conservancy Fun Run! Early the next morning we woke up and joined Uncle Jim, Auntie Clare, Corinna, and a few other runners/walkers at Guadalupe River Park for a 5K fun run!  The run began at 9 am!  Here are our runners, ready to go!

 And everyone is off!!!!
 There's my clan! ;)
 Uncle Jim took off with the boys!
 MG and I are in the middle -- Auntie Clare, Corinna, and Vince taking their time and talking all the while.
 Almost there at the 3/4 of the way mark...
 And here we all are -- at the end of the run/walk!
 It was fun and we look forward to next year's run!  Hopefully by then the children will be more motivated and can do more on\their own!  I am so proud of them for doing this walk this year - sans stroller!  Our first year was a sight -- all 3 children taking turns sitting in the double jogger! (And a few times all three managed to sit on the stroller together!)
 After the run they waked around the faire and played some games.
 I love educational games!
 They helped each other out here.  :)
 This was an obstacle course.  Both boys managed to get big sister to do the hula hoop of the course for them!
 He had lots fun!
 On our way out, we saw this beautiful clematis and had to stop to purchase it for our dear friends, Ed and Uyen.  It will be their house warming gift!
April 29, 2012 -- Fishing and a Spa Birthday Party
These 2 do not go hand in hand... so the boys and girls split up for the day!
While the boys did this with Dad....

MG was doing this!

 Soaking in the hot tub:

 Eating lunch

 Getting a chocolate facial!

 Just having fun with the girls!
 And eating cake!!!!  She couldn't have asked for a better day with her friends!  Happy Birthday Olivia!

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