Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, October 31, 2011

Tuesday was a FUN day!

This post is almost a week over due -- it's been in the draft folder... so better post now so you can all see our Halloween events today!  Aghhhh!!!!

We started the morning (just the boys and I) going to their favorite park -- Oak Meadow/Vasona Lake Park.  They scootered to the other side of the park and played....

 But they saw this and wanted to skip some rocks!
 So they did that for awhile....
 Then they played at the playground the rest of the morning -- sand art!
 Um... sand... all over!
 Doesn't he look do big?!
 SO much bigger than E, for sure!!!
 Back to the duck pond for one last peek at the ducks...
 Then scootered back ... just in time to take MD to school!
After school we met Braden and his mom at Uesugi Farm in Morgan Hill.  They had a blast!
Measuring how tall they are now -- and they sure have grown!!!

 Notice how they MD and MG are almost the same height?!  Crazy, huh???  (he's eating a honey stick, if you;re wondering what's in his mouth!)
 Waiting for Braden and Ms. Lori to arrive...
 Then they went for a ride... on the COW train -- not to be mistaken for the Caltrain that they often see zipping passed Ma's house!

 Off they go!!!!
 MD and his buddy from preschool... I hope they become life long friends.
 MG really wanted a picture here -- love her stance!  HAHAHA!!!
 Ms. Lori bought them a treat -- popcorn!!!  The boys :)
 Ms. Lori and MG
 MG, Braden and MD:

 MD -- he's something else... no?
 On the way out we investigated the noise we heard while at the pumpkin patch... and then gave it a try!
 She even gave it a try!  :0
It was a long day!!!  But they had so much fun!
(And I'm thinking, the pumpkin patch is now more commercialized than it has ever been!  Geez... everything costs and it's so much!  Some pumpkin patches have inflatable jumpy houses... and they cost so much to jump!  Am I cheap or what?  Yes, I admit it, I am cheap!  I don't see why I have to pay for them to jump in a bouncy house in someone's property when we have a perfectly good one at home!  well, that's just my 2 cents....)

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  1. How fun!! Your pics are always such a pleasure to look at , Steph.