Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A few things we've been up to...

1) We skipped school Friday to see Disney on Ice!  (I know!  But I emailed their teachers and explained everything!).  They received free tickets from The Guadalupe River Park and Conservancy (where they attend science class every Wednesdays)... so we 4 went, since Dad had to work... poor Dad.

 Waiting patiently... MD kept asking, "How many more minutes, mom?"  This was his first anything on ice show so he was anxious.  He remembers me taking MG to Princess on Ice for a couple of years so he was very excited about his first show!  E wasn't sure what to expect so he was excited for many reasons!
 It was difficult to take pictures of all the characters as they were moving around so quickly... But I was able to grab some photos toward the end that are actually "clear."  These were taken toward the end when the princesses came out with their significant princes.
 We had great seats for being complimentary!  :)
 After the show -- pretty crowded but would have been worse if the show was later in the evening!  I'm glad I chose the morning showing!
 It was very difficult to get this picture... can you tell?!  A simple sign... but a difficult task!

2) Today we went to the local library and did a pumpkin project:
 He always looks up when the camera is pointing at him... He was busily working until now... Cute smile though, no?!
 She is concentrating very hard (as usual)
 He was determined to get those tubes over the googly eyes and have the pumpkin wear them was binoculars... sadly, that didn't work very well!  :(
 Check out the over flowing feathers!  LOVE it!
 And they all made it home... check them out!  :)


  1. Glad you all had fun. Those pumpkins are really cute!! Your little man has the sweetest smile!!

    Happy Tuesday, S!

  2. What a fun pumpkin project, and great day at Disney on Ice! Love that you all played hookie on Friday. :o)