Half Moon Bay, California November 2012

Monday, October 10, 2011

A FULL weekend!

Saturday was a fun day at Pumpkins in the Park.  We have been every year since MG was one and just learning to walk.  It was so easy then!  ;)
Now they are older and want to do everything - at different times!  But we always manage to agree on the activities and enjoy the day! They did tons of arts and crafts -- here are a few pictures of their favorite activities:
They made some great spiders!

 Then they played some games:
Half way through the day we visited the huge pumpkin patch.  They mostly just run around, move pumpkins, build forts with them, and I take tons of pictures!
Aren't they too cute for words?!

 He rolled this big thing from one corner of the patch to the other...
 So that it would be included in their group picture!  :)
 We also watched a lot of different performers.  For once this year, they were willing to go near the dragon and lion dancers!
 So much noise -- but so much fun for them!
 There were a few of them and all three chased them down to either pet them or just look closely at the young teenagers inside dancing around to make the lions' eyes move!
 Guess whom we saw today?!  Yes, Andy Z!!!!  He is always our favorite performer to watch!  We had a nice conversation with him after both of his performance today.  What a nice guy he is!
 We ended our day at this bead table where they made a bracelet showing how many items they should eat each day from each food group!  It was a great idea!
Saturday was a full day.... and Sunday was no different!  We woke up pretty early, picked up our friend, Uncle Leo and headed to the Renaissance Faire at Casa De Fruta in Pacheco Pass.  This was our first time.  MG was fortunate enough to have a dress to wear, thanks to our dear friend, Corinna.  Thank you Corinna -- she felt like a princess all day!
 Some performers at the entrance:
 Daddy immediately felt the need to buy her a head piece to finish off her attire:
 She was fitted by the head piece maker:
 Isn't she beautiful?!
 He was a nice guy!
 This man was full of stories and the boys loved him!  He sold tons of "pirate" things!  He gave them each a gold coin.
 Matthew loved this parascope!
 Look at all the people dressed up!  (I've never seen so much cleavage in my life!)
 This lady pulled them in at the puppet place and they didn't want to leave!
 MD found a dragon!
 MG found a soft cuddly bunny:
 Oh, my -- a three headed dragon!
 E found a dragon too!
 She loved this snow owl -- they kept calling it Hedwig!
 He loved that the head rotated 360 degrees!
 We were able to convince them to leave the puppet stall when we told them about the horse tournament!
 The knights came out in a very grande and ceremonious way... from behind closed doors and as they were called out, they came charging forward to the crowd cheering for them.  The horses were beautiful.  It was awesome!

 The queen and her ladies came out to watch!
 Counting the rings that each knight captured during the competition:
 After the show, we followed the queen out and when she saw MG, she stopped so we could get a picture.  They children were very impressed with how kind she was.  MG was so cute because when she saw the queen, I whispered to her, curtsy honey -- and she did!  She looked soooo adorable doing it too!  She made me so proud!  :)
 And off she went!
 So we went and did a few more activities as we made our way to lunch.
 I don't know what this instrument is called... anyone?  (I was too busy to ask and didn't want to interrupt him!)
 Of course, MD was attracted to this huge chess board!
 Look at the beautiful headpieces for sale!
 We sat down to watch a show while the guys ran off to buy lunch:
 A parade came by:
 The performer!
 Chicken pot pie -- yummy!
 She loved it!  I had cottage pot pie (same as chicken pot pie but with beef..  It was delicious!!!
 We spotted the Queen again as we were walking around.
 Then MD saw this:
 Of course, we stopped....
 And we bought him his very own, Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets wand (thanks, Uncle Leo for contributing too):

So, of course, E wanted one too!  Luckily, he didn't care about the wand's name or title... he just wanted a wand to cast a few spells on me!  :)
 I just had to take another photo of my princess for the day!
At the end of the day... we were all exhausted and broke!  (I'll tell you why another day!)
 Until then... enjoy the week!


  1. Such a fun family weekend. Your kiddos are the cutest.

  2. MG makes a beautiful princess! It must be really fun living in the US - so many great activities for family weekends! Your kids are adorable, Steph!

    Happy Tuesday!