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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Mardi Gras Celebration

February 21, 2012 --

This is Ali...  (in the purple helping E) Her daughter, Josie, is in MD's Kindergarten classroom.  She is an amazing mom.  She wanted to celebrate "Fat Tuesday."  Er... what's that?  I did not grow up Catholic so I had no idea what that meant!  Needless to say, Ali spent some time explaining to me... and then I was all for eating the day before having to give up some good food!  ;)

 So we headed to her house and had a celebration with about 25 children -- mostly from the kindergarten class.  But then siblings came too and well, the numbers added up pretty quickly!
 They had a blast making masks, necklaces, jester hats....
 This is Josie, by the way:
 But the highlight of the day... was this!
 decorating bikes, trikes, and scooters...with all kinds of supplies we found in our craft boxes...
Then they  listened to a Mardi Gras story...
 and were very excited to get ready to...
 head out...
 into the street...
 and parade around the neighborhood!!!!
 We were quite a sight!  (With Ali in the lead, of course!)
 And they had a fabulous time!!!!
 Aren't they so cute?!
 Off they went!
 At the end of the day... there were just a few left....
 And they sure knew how to get even dirtier with all that sand!!!
Thanks Ali for a wonderful day -- hooray for Fat Tuesday!  I can't wait for next year's celebration!

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  1. I'm catholic but have never heard of Fat Tuesday!

    Looks like a day of fun!